But where to park?

With thanks to mysecretboston.com, we're delighted to share this insider tidbit about one of the most vexing challenge facing visitors to Newbury Street—parking! “Cheap and plentiful parking on Newbury Street? Yup, just don't tell anybody. There are almost always metered spaces open...at the far west end of the street across from Mass. Ave. And it's free after 8 pm.... This is one secret Red Sox fans figured out before anybody else did—and they don't go around crowing about.” On our end of the block, it's all about good timing and karma—or one of the lots.

The Bun is Back!

This spring, it's all about the bun head—and the confidence that comes with it. The ideal cool-girl top knot is playful and charmingly messy, according to Harper's Bazaar. An elevated reinvention of the classic ballerina do, the bun is a “self-styled look for everything from...galas to jeans-clad shopping trips.” This month's HB features the magazine's top ten celebrity buns. 

Pink Suits and All Things Gatsby

Forbes Magazine reports that there are countless ways to channel your inner Gatsby. You could go for a modernized look with a hot pink or salmon double-breasted suit and two-toned shoes. Emulating Daisy Buchanan calls for a cloche hat and loads of beads. The art deco jewels featured in the movie were created by Tiffany & Co. Naturally, we've got plenty of styling ideas for your hair!



Boston Strong and Strongest

With an overall fitness index of 70, an total health score of 82 and more physicians per square inch, Boston tops the 2013 Healthiest Cities in America ranking by NerdWallet. Boston bests Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Jose and Denver for outdoorsy, fit and healthy residents and clean air. This gives new meaning to “Boston Strong.” The next frontier: Boston Stylish.

More glamor coming to our block!

A famous French fashionista is arriving in Boston. 

Those giant cranes are building Chanel No. 6, soon to become one of the city's poshest destinations. The new Chanel building will feature six floor-through condos on top and a Chanel store below. Chanel's new home has been designed to resemble Coco Chanel's famous Paris apartment, with an exterior of French limestone and black etched moldings. How much will one of the super luxury condos run you? If you have to ask...

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