From luscious locks to fabulous styling, Avanti Salon is thrilled to be a proud retailer of Oribe Hair Care products for Boston and beyond. Elevate your hair game with the luxurious formulas and stunning results that Oribe offers. consult your talented hairstylist at Avanti Salon for personalized Oribe product recommendations.


Your journey towards exceptional hair begins with Avanti Salon, where we combine our passion for artistry with the quality and innovation of Goldwell products available on Newbury Street Boston.

Perfect your cut and show its diversity. from gorgeous shine to big volume. Give stronghold or natural structure – the possibilities are endless. Underline your client’s personality and recommend the right styling products – to recreate beautiful styles at home.


Rikoko Lock Shampoo

Rooted in ancient traditions, Rikoko marries matured coconut oil with rare strains of exotic super ingredients to naturally work in harmony with all the beauty rituals, hair textures and global cultures.

Rikoko is the brain child of expert colorist Richy Kandasamy and brand visionaire Renee Cascarina. The Rikoko narrative includes a team of next-generation chemists and creatives formulating professional beauty products with a fresh, modern approach to brand development.

Goldwell Kerasilk

The new Kerasilk with Keratransform Technology™ (KT³™) fuses the power of three superior ingredients to deliver powerful transformations.

The first two ingredients — engineered Keratin and lightweight silk — contribute to structural support and long-lasting color protection. Together, these form the foundation for all Kerasilk formulas. The third advanced ingredient, inspired by skin care scene, delivers specialized results specific to each of the Kerasilk four segments. Together, the combination of ingredients propels Kerasilk to the forefront of the industry, delivering the perfect transformation of beauty, strength, and protection.


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